Ableton LiveのDelay Compensation問題

そのMIDIで、Beat Retriggerするというもの。

Ableton delay compensation problem


The effects are slightly out of sync sometimes in Ableton Live, as if latency (PDC) is not being compensated.

Cableguys effects work fine in Ableton Live when being the only plugin on a track. But they can seem to show latency in other cases — this can (but does not have to) happen when there are several plugins on the track, or when used on a group or on an audio track with other tracks routed to it. This is not a problem with Cableguys plugins, but a PDC (Plugin Delay Compensation) issue within Ableton Live. Our plugins are synced to the timing information that is provided by Ableton Live. Sadly, Live does not correctly take PDC into account here and thus the timing information provided by Live can be wrong. We’ve already talked about this with Ableton in 2011, and are glad about anyone who bugs them about this issue. Ableton’s timing issues became less intensive since Live 9.5, but they have not been completely solved.

As a workaround, you can use the oscilloscope in our plugins to move the waveform to the left until timing matches again (use the arrow buttons below the waveform; SHIFT-click for precise adjustments).

A more reliable workaround is to set up a MIDI track which plays a note at the beginning of a bar, route this track to FilterShaper, VolumeShaper, PanShaper or PanCake and set the LFO to one of its “Retriggered” modes. This resulted in correct timing in all our tests.